oldtime radio comedy for a new generation

Episode 2: O Christmas Tree

In episode 2, the family finds their old artificial Christmas tree is in need of replacement. When dad takes the kids to a local lot to pick a real Christmas tree, trouble ensues.

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Episode 1: Lucky Charms

In episode 1, Dad’s making dinner again, and the kids are not looking forward to it. When they take matters into their own hands, things get complicated!

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My fascination with old radio comedies knows no bounds. After the fun of the Johnson Chipmunks recording in December 2009, I couldn’t resist an attempt to create my own version of an old, family-styled radio comedy show.

I produced the first episode with Cakewalk, using live recordings of my own kids, a collection of sound effects, old laugh tracks and musical transitions.

Partly fiction and partly inspired by real life experiences in my own funny family, I’ve created “Hey, Dad!”.

I hope it both entertains you and gives you that nostalgic feeling of a simpler time in America.