oldtime radio comedy for a new generation

About Hey, Dad!

My fascination with old radio comedies knows no bounds. After the fun of the Johnson Chipmunks recording in December 2009, I couldn’t resist an attempt to create my own version of an old, family-styled radio comedy show.

Partly fiction and partly inspired by real life experiences in my own funny family, I’ve created “Hey, Dad!”.

I produce each episode with the Cakewalk DAW, using live recordings of my own family, a collection of canned and self-produced sound effects, old laugh tracks, classic commercial ads and musical transitions.  The stories and scripts are my original creations, but borrowing the feel of the classic radio comedies of days gone by.

I don’t know how many episodes we’ll produce, but I hope this show entertains you and gives you that nostalgic feeling of a simpler time in America.


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